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Palaces and other social buildings

Solomeya 15.03.12 в 21:26

Buckingham Palace (Great Britain).

ichuly 15.03.12 в 21:30

Buckingham Palace is the official residence and office of the British monarchs from the times of Queen Victoria (1837).

Solomeya 15.03.12 в 21:28

The beginning of the construction works date back to 1703-1705. The organizer and leader of its building on the place of a country house was Lord Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham, after whom the palace was named.

ichuly 15.03.12 в 21:34

Building construction was done (was produced) in 1820-1830 by famous English architect of classical style John Nash, who managed to include it harmoniously in (to)the landscape, as a result palace's constructions began effectively harmonize with parks with the whole territory of 15.8 hectares.

Solomeya 15.03.12 в 21:41

In the years 1846 an architect Edward Blor modified the palace by adding a new building to it.

ichuly 15.03.12 в 21:36

In 1913 Aston Yab redecorated the east palace's facade, enlarged its length to 120 m.

Solomeya 15.03.12 в 21:44

The original (initial) state of the palace is preserved only from the western side.

ichuly 15.03.12 в 21:39

There is a change of the royal guards in red uniforms every morning on the wide courtyard, enclosed by a massive grille made of wrought iron and bronze.

ichuly 15.03.12 в 21:49

On the wide yard, surrounded by the massive grid from hammered iron and bronze, every morning is made the changing of the guard of royal guardsmen in the red full-dress uniform.

Solomeya 15.03.12 в 21:50

The interiors of the palace are decorated with stucco and gilt.

ichuly 15.03.12 в 21:39

Only the royal picture gallery is open for visitors two month a year, where paintings of eminent artists of Western European schools and works of others' english artists are exhibited.

ichuly 15.03.12 в 21:52

Only royal picture galary is open for visiting for two months, where canvac of the eminent masters of the west school are axhibited, and also the works of English artists.

Solomeya 15.03.12 в 21:55

It is also allowed to see only 18 of all 660 rooms of the palace.

ichuly 15.03.12 в 21:41

There is a monument to the Queen Victoria surrounded by allegorical figures in the centre of a spacious round square in front of the Buckingham Palace (scluptor Brok, 1901).

ichuly 15.03.12 в 21:43


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